Most Online Publications at this site are available in Adobe PDF. You can view these files using the free Adobe Reader® software located at

Download times vary depending on the speed of your connection and the size of the file being downloaded. Here are typical download times for different file sizes.

  Kbytes/sec 1MB File 5MB File 10MB File 20MB File
28.8k Modem 3 6 min 28 min 57 min 114 min
56k Modem 6 3 min 14 min 29 min 57 min
ISDN 7 2 min 12 min 24 min 48 min
T1 150 7 sec 34 sec 68 sec 136 sec

If you experience problems when downloading large files, you may want to take the following steps to avoid possible disruptions to the data transfer:

  • Avoid doing any other activities on your computer (especially Internet access) while the file is being downloaded.
  • Disable any screen savers while the file is being downloaded.
  • Do the download at an "off-peak" time to avoid problems during high volume times.

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